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The Church of Lazlo


Would you have sex with Geriatrics?

How about this guy...Paul Newman.

Not so much?   Well maybe her then, Helen Mirren.

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03/10/2010 3:16PM
Would you have sex with Geriatrics?
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03/10/2010 3:21PM
nope, not ever gonna try.
03/10/2010 3:22PM
Fap, Fap, Snooze....
03/10/2010 3:22PM
uh....mmrph.....uhhh....damn i have a good imagination! I finished....I think i am a sick person
03/10/2010 3:22PM
Are we assuming that she is still in control her bowel-movements?
03/10/2010 3:22PM
god no.
03/10/2010 3:24PM
I have no idea what Slimfast is thinking. I'm originally from KC and just moved to Rapid City SD and the first thing I noticed most first was the women. There a very few to choose from out here, but back home they seem to be everywhere. With that being said, why on earth would you give attention to the elderly? Is the senior discount when buying sex toys? I don't understand it.
03/10/2010 3:25PM
Tina Pellerito
hmm, no, and no!!
03/10/2010 3:25PM
Id feel better having sex with a zombie than paul newman. although, i suppose hes dead now anyway.
03/10/2010 3:26PM
Ummm, it doesn't matter if she is decent looking in the face because her wrinkly vagina would be flapping around like sheets in the wind. Couldn't do it.
03/10/2010 3:27PM
Hey - EVERYONE DESERVES TO GET LAID - even 60-year-olds!
03/10/2010 3:28PM
Helen Mirren is not bad id get like a blow job from her.
03/10/2010 3:38PM
Tina Pellerito
Does HTML work on here? Heres a pic of my mom. Shes 58, living with a guy thats the exact same age as myself. Sorry if HTML isnt allowed
03/10/2010 4:15PM
I would only sleep with her for a lot of money. Isn't that the only reason young women sleep with older men?
03/10/2010 5:05PM
So I actually considered trying to masturbate to this as Lazlo suggested, but my vibrator firmly refused to even come out of the drawer. Seriously? Paul Newman? I'm not interested in Old Guy Balls at all, but if I HAD to, I'm pretty sure I'd pick Chuck Norris (who is 70) before I'd consider putting Paul Newman's Very Own Raisins in my mouth.
03/10/2010 5:10PM
i would not do helen !!!
03/10/2010 5:13PM
i would not do helen !!! to old!!!
03/11/2010 12:30PM
bill in pa
I bet gettin a bj from a cougar without her dentures in would feel amazing! :)
04/27/2013 6:51PM
Would you have sex with Geriatrics?
Helen still has a lot of sex appeal in the photo. Close up might be different. She was, however, strikingly attractive when younger. And so was I...
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