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Afentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz

White Trash VIP and Weezer Meet & Greet!


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White Trash VIP for Buzz Beachball!

You and 5 of your closest friends will be watching Buzz Beach Ball from the ONLY above ground pool at Sandstone. Be the envy of thousands, taunt the non White Trash VIP goers by taking a swig right out of the boxed wine and peeing right in your personal pool while singing Hash Pipe at the top of your lungs.
Winner gets 6 tickets to Buzz Beach Ball,2 Meet and Greet Passes to see Weezer, 6 VIP passes to enter Afentra, Amigo and Lazlo's tents and the best Hepatighty you ever had.

The Rules!

1st Rule of White Trash VIP...don't talk about White Trash VIP.

#2 You must send us a picture of you wearing a bathing suit made of food. We like food and we like looking at half naked people. Send pics to, to Afentra on facebook or Twitter (Please include phone number! No number=no service)

Rule #3 Said "food bathing suit" must stand up to gravity and remain intact for photo. (Entry doesn't guarantee tickets but we will try to get ticket to as many people as we can!)

Rule #4 There is no rule, f&%$ rules.

#5 Pics must be in by Wednesday September 2nd!

See you at Beachball, love A!

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09/02/2009 8:17AM
White Trash VIP and Weezer Meet & Greet!
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09/02/2009 1:40PM
Any news on winners yet?
09/03/2009 4:58AM
Trying to figure it out still!
09/03/2009 12:08PM
anything yet??? of course i'll need to make plans to be there...
09/03/2009 5:26PM
What do the VIP passes entail? I bought mine off of ticket master because I liked how they used "experience" in the title, but I don't even know why they're special besides the fact that I paid extra for them.
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