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Wednesday September 4, 2013

War of the Roses

Pump Your Breast Milk

Nacho Problem

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09/04/2013 10:34AM
Wednesday September 4, 2013
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09/09/2013 10:31AM
War of the roses
Afrentra, I just listened to the episode. I do not trust her boyfriend and feel he is secretly taping everytime they have sex on webcam and is getting paid!!!
09/10/2013 10:49AM
We need a WotR follow up!
I agree with above, slighty. I think he is jerking for money, just himself. For money but not the two of them. Just him flogging the dolphin for money. Probably for other guys. But either way, I think this guy is super-shady. There has to be a story. I would enjoy hearing it. Why is there no follow up on these things? Maybe like on Tuesday mornings? Would be a good idea. Just a suggestion.
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