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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buzz Briefs

"Fat" news anchor bullied.

 And we get Aikin'd again...


 War of the Roses


Do you like your salad tossed or packaged?


Kenny King

Our main small market news anchor calls in to let us know his thoughts on the "bullying" of the news anchor from Wisconsin. Everyone loves Kenny King!


10/03/2012 9:03AM
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
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10/03/2012 9:06PM
Why can't the callers talk?
Once again you talked all over your guest. Stepped all over a good conversation. Christy couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Jacob may have said something good or funny. But we will never know. You do realize the more they talk, the less you have to work? Do you know that? I am sure you don’t read these comments. But I will still say this; we like hearing the participants of War of the Roses. We, the audience, like the callers. And you don’t have to work as hard as a bonus. I don’t live in the KC area. I do visit often. I try and go to the businesses on your station. But I am going to stop listening, either when in town or online, if you don’t respect the listeners and callers. This is their life. You don’t even check in on them. You don’t offer help or counseling. You just take. I enjoy Afentra more than the other shows. Buzz briefs is good. I don't like 50 shades of Mark but C'est La Vie. I just wish you would make this little change. I am saying, you are trying too hard. Last thing, I enjoy good humor. I like potty humor. Farts are funny to me. But what you were laughing at [tossing salads] was asinine. More than that, it was completely unprofessional. It was a little funny. But it was nowhere near laughing fit funny. Not even close. You were completely unprofessional. In most workplaces, that would be a monetary fine. You might just say I can listen to another station. But that does not make you a professional broadcaster if you are having a laughing fit. It is unprofessional. And you should do something about it. Like I said, I am just pissing upwind with my comments. I do not believe you will change. Not one bit.
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