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Wednesday October 23, 2013

War of the Roses


Gavin Edwards

Great interview talking about the Viper Room and River Phoenix!

10/23/2013 10:51AM
Wednesday October 23, 2013
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10/24/2013 2:07PM
War of the Roses [WotR] is my favorite
Thanks to Snow for funding War of the Roses. And that guy did the smart thing by hanging up. He was busted. Plus it saved him from Afentra's "wrath".
10/24/2013 10:14PM
War of the roses
Again, War of the Roses is premade skit from Clear Channel. The actors have already recorded the dialogue and Afentra drops her voice in. Do a simple Google search for war of the roses radio.
10/28/2013 10:41AM
Thank you Oh Great One
There are other channels that do War of the Roses skit. Jagger and Kristi in Houston. JohnJay and Rich in San Deigo. Maria in NYC. Some guy in LA. I even heard it done in Canada. One of the best is from Grand Cayman Island, Blake and Erin. Yes. We get what you are saying. This is not unique to KC. Fine. Even if it is a skit, I like Saturday Night Live. I used to watch MADTV. That is a bunch of skits together. So what? What is your point? Is your point that I am a simpleton and I am easily entertained by it? Sue me! Make a point or move on. you obviously like it enough to comment. Why are you wasting our time? Make a point when you speak. This is not a filibuster in Congress.
10/28/2013 3:08PM
By The Way
Use Wikipedia or Google and put in List of radio stations owned by Clear Channel. KRBZ is not on the list of clear channel stations. You are not very bright. The only stations they own in Kansas are in Wichita and the only ones in Missouri are in St. Louis and Springfield. So I ask again, what is your point?
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