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Wednesday October 10, 2012

  In headlines today the guys discussed many important topics like Zumba strippers and meth use, but the audio is lost in space due to...the....uh.... program we use.

  We got an angry email about us joking about drug use.  The guys discussed it, but we'll never know what they said. I was heating up their lunches so I missed it too, but we can imagine.

  Then we discussed how the Ewok didn't realize that I was actually upset about my birthday, and I asked how I should approach that "you have a problem" conversation with him.   Ah....the beauty of listening in real time. 

Finally, some freaking audio!!! 

  The guys discuss the Hulk Hogan sex scandal. 

  Is there really a market for phone sex anymore? 

  Soren Bowie talks to the guys about diseases.  This is not going to go over well for Lazlo. 

  Hey, if you've had gastric bypass surgery, you can get a discount on buffets because this is Amurica!!  .

  Sports with Danny Parkins! 

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,

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10/10/2012 6:15PM
Wednesday October 10, 2012
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10/11/2012 5:57AM
Giardia Taxonomy
The organism Giardia lamblia is neither a virus nor a bacterium. It is a protozoan. Correcting microbial taxonomy to radio stations as if they cared is my mental disorder. Glad I got to share.
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