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Wednesday May 22, 2013

War of the Roses

We've got something undercover happening today.

Buzz Briefs

More talk about the Moore, Oklahoma tornado... and i'll give you some clips from yesterday's show on today's blog.

Buzz Briefs 2

Hey, girl. Hey!

Hat Trick

We have 3 songs... what do they have in common? 

Eric Chaloux

KCTV5's Eric Chaloux goes undercover to show us about dirty nozzels in local eating establishments. 

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05/22/2013 8:34AM
Wednesday May 22, 2013
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05/22/2013 9:34AM
Eric Chaloux
The producer and photographer on the "Nasty Nozzles" piece would be happy to provide the requested gif. Where should we send it?
05/22/2013 9:37AM
@dannyboi965 on twitter or
05/22/2013 3:05PM
Kudos from out of city listener
I like War of the Roses today. Anything you can do to make/keep it fresh, great!
05/22/2013 9:11PM
YES !!
Thanks for staying current. For not just sticking to a format. Also, today's War of the Roses was gold. Afentra needs to make sure she lets the guys hang themselves. Good show today. Keep up the good work.
05/22/2013 9:13PM
The more twists you can make the better!
I listen more the more War of the Roses there are. But I am still dismayed that Monday and Tuesday are completely missing. I will have to start looking at the podcasts as well. But if you could help out. If there is technical difficulties, refer the listeners to the podcast. If not and there just is no show for whatever reason, someone has to be around that can update the blog and say something. It just sucks when there is nothing at all.
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