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Wednesday March 6, 2013

  In headlines today the guys discussed the TSA allowing knives now because no plane ever suffered a crash from passengers with box cutters or anything...(that's sarcasm).    

   Slimfast's"s Survey!  

  We found long lost footage of Lazlo in an 80s band.  

  Parenting question from Lazlo.  

  Drake made it rain $50k at a strip club.   

   The hottest person we have on this program, Soren Bowie!  

  It's Jackson or Johnson County!   

  Sports with Danny Parkins!    

Thanks for listening today! 

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Locations : Johnson County
People : Danny ParkinsSoren Bowie

03/06/2013 6:18PM
Wednesday March 6, 2013
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03/06/2013 9:40PM
Barack Hits on one Track
Meredith I need to hear political songs done by slimfast but its not here it cuts off before he plays!
03/07/2013 9:24AM
Yay! Jackson or Johnson!
03/07/2013 5:07PM
the women "i'm fine" survey
(sorry for this intro, but been trying to find a way to contact the station regarding this segment and was only able to find this.) this part of the show was absolutely off the charts. it's been a long time since i laughed so hard. lazlo and gang was awesome. great job and big thanks for hightlighting those parts in relationships, men/women especially. cracked me up. how can i get a copy/clip of that segment...thank you. ed lawrence
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