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Wednesday March 20, 2013

War of the Roses


Jay Bilas

ESPN march madness expert joins the show!


Iron E

What is going on?!




03/20/2013 11:08AM
Wednesday March 20, 2013
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03/20/2013 12:07PM
buzz briefs?
love what i heard of the show today! what happened to buzz briefs?
03/20/2013 6:03PM
Do you give up privacy when you get married?
I think Afentra feels you do give up your privacy when you get married. If I have that wrong, please correct my misinterpretation. But I am not sure why that is that privacy goes away in a marriage, I don’t think it does. That lack of privacy is not in any vow or commitment. I do understand you are sharing a life with someone. That you have to work together as a team. But why can’t someone have an interests that don’t have anything to do with your spouse? I feel that the individuals still have to have a sense of self even within a marriage. I do understand Afentra’s stance on not hurting one another. That I totally agree with. Travis does need to respect Valerie. That I totally agree with. There is likely something he needs about doing the dirty chat. I am not a doctor so I have no idea what it is. But there is something bigger there. Also, there is something about Valerie’s insecurity. Nowhere in her characterize did she talk about him having time for an affair. So that is odd to me. So there is also something about her insecurity she needs to work on. I understand people get jealous, curious, and suspicious. I have been all three. But why does that mean that someone else would have to open everything to me? I don’t think that is in any vow. The bottom line is, why not trust the person. You ask them something, trust the answer. You trusted yourself when you said I do, right? You trusted them when they said I do. On a separate note: In response to Danni Boi’s claim that there was a spoiler in talking about Iron E’s character on The Walking Dead [T-Dog], he is incorrect. This is the official timeline for TV show spoilers: [link courtesy of Khaleesi A]. Since that happen last year, that is not a spoiler at all. You are wrong Danni. By the way, the train wreck that was the Iron E interview was so much fun to watch. Complete crash.
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