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Wednesday June 18, 2014

War of the Roses

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Soldier and his Dog

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06/18/2014 10:16AM
Wednesday June 18, 2014
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06/19/2014 12:03PM
WotR Count up to JUN 18, 2014
Yearly count: 21 out of 25 weeks. Amanda checking on Anthony. WOW! This is like a segment full of misery in Missouri. Anthony is not just a complete douchebag. He is also lazy. I mean he could have hidden those condoms so much easier. Heck, why not keeping them at work? He is stupid and lazy. Plus he is a douche. That Dina is a lucky one indeed. You got a real catch. I wish he had gotten the cut earlier. He should not be procreating. Hopefully it cannot be reversed. Hopefully they actually took the testicles out and replaced it with neuticles or a marble so he can never be reversed. Because he is seriously flawed. Afentra might have had a point, Anthony might not have had the surgery at all and just didn’t want to get Amanda pregnant so he stopped having sex with her all together. I hope that is not the case. Also what a witch with a b Amanda is. Seriously! No one deserves to be cheated on. However, I and anyone with a brain can tell why it happened. Outside music I rarely agree with Afentra. But this side I do. Amanda has serious issues. Maybe she needs to get her tubes tied. Because something tells me that misery is coming from both sides. As a society, country, world, we really need to start issuing license before someone can procreate. Because neither one of these people should be spreading their diseased DNA. Hopefully they both stay single. For the sake of society. Dina, DTMFA. Amanda is already going to.
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