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Wednesday June 12, 2013

War of the Roses

Here we go again...

Amy Bruni

Our favorite ghost hunter is back!

Buzz Beach Ball

Get your pre-sale on if you are a free-loader! 

06/12/2013 10:10AM
Wednesday June 11, 2013
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06/13/2013 1:15AM
Afentra sounds foolish
All War of the Roses should concentrate on the original caller. For 12 June 2013, the original caller is Rachel. Afentra proceeds to direct her comments towards the subsequent callee. That is completely incorrect. And your crass yelling makes you seem stupid and arrogant. The callee did not ask for your advice. It is stupid to yell at someone who isn’t listening. Would you listen to someone you don’t know, who is calling you and you don’t want to talk to? Be honest. You just listen to any and everyone you don’t know? Seriously? Because if you say yes, you are only lying to yourself because I will NEVER believe that. Try to be an adult or I will try another station. Plus, There is no HAVING to make someone like something they say NO to. That is rape you! Afentra is a woman so she has no idea what she is talking about. It would be nice if Danni Boi or Mark would chime in. But they don’t. Male perspective is clear. When a woman says no to something, there is no; “well let me show you.” Because when the cops get called, the guy gets arrested for rape. The no has power. Not sure why Afentra is trying to take that power away. When Rachel says no, it doesn’t mean go ahead and demonstrate. IT MEANS NO! Afentra, stop yelling at the War of the Roses guys. Stop. It is truly annoying. You Afentra seem like the biggest idiot when you do it. I have preached and will do so again, Afentra needs to shut up and let the guys or girls talk. This is the one segment you can shut your pie hole. Please do! Afentra’s righteousness needs to go BOTH ways. It is completely lopsided. The righteousness should be focused on the original caller [who is usually a female]. That person is the one who solicited Afentra’s help. The other person is not trying to hear that. Please tell these misguiding souls: If a person is perfect, there is no but. If a person is good, just determine if they are good enough and move on one way or another.
06/13/2013 7:49AM
Site not loading properly
I don't know what THAT guy is on about, but I just wanted to let you know that your clips aren't loading properly to my computer any more. They used to, but now the "movie" isn't found, according to my flash player (and, yes, I have the newest flash installed, and the links worked last week....).
06/13/2013 7:51AM
Also, Jeriney's blog and Lazlo's blog load perfectly and work on my machine, so I think it's your blog posts from at least the past two days that are not working for some reason.
06/13/2013 11:14AM
Trying to fix
We've been trying to fix the problem since last Friday... Sorry it has not been working. The company who owns this website have told us via e-mail that they are working on fixing the media player issues. At least the other blogs are working now, not sure why ours is still not working. Thanks for coming and checking it out! -Mark
06/13/2013 5:09PM
Afentra Sounds Foolish?
Dear "Afentra Sounds Foolish": So do you.
06/14/2013 2:58PM
You can listen on podcast or audio vault
Entering the date will get you results. Or searching on the main site with date and segment name will allow you to listen.
06/14/2013 3:04PM
RE: Afentra sounds foolish? [5th commmenter and days late]
I implore you; how does it help for Afentra to yell? How? It doesn't. It falls on deaf ears. That is my first point. The second point is; Afentra should concentrate on the person who originates the call. That is her loyal listener. Don't worry about someone who is not. Just focus on the person who is loyal. All else is wasted. To the person with the 5th comment; if you don't understand that I will dumb it done for you. I am trying to get this station to focus on the people who listen and comment. I listen online every week-day and comment at least once a week. I am active. and you are going to criticize me? Bump that! I am making a critique. I have the right to both my opinion and to express it. If you want to actually comment on what was wrong about my comment; feel free. Afentra did yell. She often does. It sounds very crass and inappropriate. And she should focus on the original caller, no matter what the sex, because that person is a fan. Dispute those salient points with some intelligence and maybe we can have a conversation.
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