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Wednesday June 11, 2014

War of the Roses


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Derek Minkensky

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06/11/2014 11:02AM
Wednesday June 11, 2014
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06/11/2014 9:28PM
WotR Count up to JUN 11, 2014
Yearly count: 20 out of 24 weeks. Kevin checking on Amy. Nice to have it be unusual having a guy checking on a woman. That is fun change of pace, usually. But Kevin was such a wimp. It is not right that Amy makes fun of Kevin for any reason. But Kevin let Afentra bully him into talking about physical stuff he didn’t want to talk about. Kevin let Amy bully him. Serious dude; Carpe Scrotum. It is time for Kevin to grow up. For the future callers; if there is something you don’t want Afentra to bring up a) never mention it to her or b) say you don’t want to talk about it on air. Most of all, I believe that Amy is right and I wish I could get her number. Be nice to meet a real woman in KC.
06/12/2014 2:20PM
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Uhhh you do realize all the thought you're putting into this is a waste of time being that it's all staged and fake, right? This is a radio gimmick that's been going on for years. It's not real. Legally you cannot call someone and airtheir voice on the radio without before achieving their consent. This is all staged.
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