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Wednesday July 31, 2013

War of the Roses

What happened?

Mark meets Louis from "We Buy Gold" and they have a dance off.


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07/31/2013 8:13AM
Wednesday July 31, 2013
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08/04/2013 10:08AM
I vote for taped WotR
I listen for them. I wait for them. I crave War of the Roses. It would be nice if it was taped. One reason, it is embarrassing for the person [woman] who doesn't go through with it too. Her voice is out there. I am sure that 6 degrees of separation are catching up whether she likes it or not. Downside, maybe more people back out if it is taped. Maybe say that the call is going through either way. Might seem cruel of me to suggest that. But I think the public's need for this segment warrants it. Just a suggestion. Also, wouldn't it work out better? Especially when you are on vacation. There would be a back log of tapes to play. And it would be ready to go. Don't have to do lots but maybe have an extra couple waiting and ready. Isn't there some benefit to that? I really don't know the answer, I never worked in radio. But seems like a good idea to me.
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