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Wednesday July 16, 2014

War of the Roses


Andrew WK is down for an ABFMBroTank

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07/16/2014 11:11AM
Wednesday July 16, 2014
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07/17/2014 9:06AM
So what happened with Lily and that dummy John on War of the Roses?! I'm dying to know what happened after they went off the air!
07/17/2014 2:18PM
WAR of the Roses!!
yes somebody please tell us what happened? I am unable to listen live anymore :(
07/17/2014 2:59PM
Hope Lily has some brothers or a young enough father to teach John a lesson. At the very least, he deserves a black eye and chipped teeth.
07/17/2014 9:46PM
WotR Count up to JUL 16, 2014
Yearly count: 24 out of 29 weeks. Lilly is checking on husband John. The crazy car lady angle made my hair stand on end. It was over the Mendoza line to start []. Lilly better hide her rabbits. And John just totally failed. As to the dilemma about the card; force them to have a card. Say that the card is mandatory. There is no reason you have to let them off the hook. Make them have a card. That way when they pick up the flowers; it is further verification it is their bouquet. And the verification is that they know who the flowers are going to. So they at least have to give a name who they are sending it to. It does not matter this time. He should have sent them to Lilly. John is not a good guy. They are free flowers. In the future; if someone is picking the flowers up you need some verification to put on the card with the flowers. So a name is just as good a verification as any. They are free and you need something that will verify, right? That is a way around the loophole. To the question about what happened; first John hung up. than Lilly said she needed to call John. Than Lilly hung up. To the advocate of violence; there is no need for that. Just move on. Living well is the best revenge. Thanks to Snow & Co.
07/25/2014 9:50AM
You people are hilarious! You do realize this is fake, right? This is a stunt that's been played on the radio for years. When I lived in the Bay Area I would hear this same routine - 10 years ago. My cousin is a lawyer in SF and said that it is 100%illegal to call someone on the air without informing them they are being recorded or are on the radio live. Thus, this entire weekly segment is a stunt for entertainment purposes only. Look it up. And wake up!
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