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Afentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz

Wednesday February 19, 2014

Kegs and Eggs!

Interview with Lucius

02/19/2014 10:11AM
Wednesday February 19, 2014
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02/20/2014 3:09PM
No WotR
5 of 8 for 62.5% for the year so far. Yikes.
02/21/2014 9:46AM
Look forward to this every week but lately it's been spotty on when it does and doesn't happen.....
02/24/2014 8:06AM
Hey whiner
If you listened to the show, you would know that they actually did a war of the roses last week. They even planned it out so it would be done for the whiners like you even though they weren't gonna be in the studio. Guess you aren't a true fan of the show like the rest of us!
02/26/2014 7:55AM
hey nice...
Some of us only get to listen to part of the show b/c we have to stop & get to work/class.
02/26/2014 12:09PM
As head whiner....
I will say I do not live in the KC broadcast area and I can not listen live [or longer] online because of my workplace rules. To stay connected to KC I try to listen to the blogs. But if they are not updated, I can not. I will continue to whine. It is my right. You may want to suppress my rights but you never will. If you do not like it, deal with it on your own because I can not afford your bills. Plus I do not care about you. I will do as I please as long as it is legal. I am an American. I have this right. And I will exercise it.
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