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Wednesday February 12, 2013

War of the Roses

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02/12/2014 10:54AM
Wednesday February 12, 2013
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02/15/2014 9:16PM
Committed here but likely unread there - Part 1
Isn’t one of the first questions that either Afentra and/or Danny Boi ask is whether either person involved in War of the Roses (WotR) is married? Seems like a simple first step. Whether it is warranted or not; the question should be asked and verified. Seems easy to me to do a simple search of Missouri and/or Kansas databases to make sure the people involved are not married even if they say they are. If that person is, that they are married to whom it is specified they are. Make proper verification before moving forward. I mean for 2014 [by the way, it is 2014 and it is mislabeled as 2013 on the date here. Might seem minor to some. Not to those like me. Maybe not to Snow & Company who pays good money to be a sponsor.] I would think you could do better. It is simple. Doesn’t take too much effort. Maybe Afentra and Danny Boi should do more to in the vetting process? Maybe they should allow me to get the preliminaries should be verified by an unpaid outsider like myself to ensure that they are telling the truth first. Seems like there are many stupid and unsuspecting cheaters in the KC, Topeka, Wichita and all the outlying areas.
02/15/2014 9:27PM
Committed here but likely unread there - Part 2
How much work do you put into this that it is so easy to scam you all? Because it seems minimal. So if Snow and Company needs a tracker for 2014 so far:
02/15/2014 9:30PM
Committed here but likely unread there - Part 3
Maybe it would be more cost effective for Snow & Company to have this segment TAPED for a certain number of times. 48? 50? 52? It would be nice for the audience to know how often it is going to be on. When. What the quality is. But I am resolute in my task. So no matter. Would it be too hard to just tape 52 segments? Then play them no matter what is going on? Wouldn’t this benefit Snow and Company? So they can quantify what they are paying for. Either way, I am going to post statistics on this. I am going to track this and put it here. Hopefully Snow & Company will look here. Hopefully the radio station will as well. Maybe they will start to track it. Put real money to their investment. Let the public know what is what. If they only pay for 48 WotR; then we will know what to expect. Would be good if they pay for 52 pre-taped WotR. That will make members of the audience like myself happy. Then the funds of this station and this segment would get what they expect. Maybe the audience would get want they want as well. I suspect the audience wants 52 weeks for WotR. So far it is 5 of 7. 71% for the start of the year. Is that what Snow & Company paid for? Just over half? Doubt it. I plan on doing more analytics on what the rate is for WotR. Maybe Snow & Company can make a better deal depending on the success rate.
02/15/2014 9:34PM
Committed here but likely unread there - Part 4
Lastly; the little Wonder Twin Powers is the stupidest part of WotR. Makes both Afentra and Danny Boi seem like idiots. They even lost a caller because of it. Why? Whatever; just keep doing it. Then we will know that both are idiots every time they do it. Every single time, Afentra and Danny Boi sound like complete and total idiots. If Snow & Company is good with being in league with idiots; well I guess that is where they want their money tied to.
02/19/2014 10:27PM
You mad bro?
02/19/2014 10:39PM
Snow & Co
We're cool. We just like supporting local radio, just like 96.5 likes supporting local biz. :-)
02/19/2014 10:40PM
yes. much mad, bro.
Ooookay, then. It's a radio show... let's relax...
02/20/2014 9:19AM
This dude is crazy! Really? If you don't like how they do things don't listen to them!
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