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Wednesday August 7, 2013

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08/07/2013 10:21AM
Wednesday August 7, 2013
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08/07/2013 11:46AM
What happened?
If you listen to the podcast, at about 18 minutes in they say that War of the Roses was not going to be re-aired. But they don't say anything about what happened. Honestly, since this is a weekly segment, there SHOULD be an explanation on the blog. But there isn't. Not one word about the fact that it either 1. won't be on the blog or 2. [and even better and more appropriate] some explanation as to want happened. Since I don't have the text line or anything, can someone please say what happened on here in comments? Please? This is a plea from an online listener who is too far away to hear the broadcast. But I keep up with the KC area and fountain moms from Des Moines too. Obviously no swearing or cursing on the comments section but could someone post a simple explanation as to what happened? Since the radio station is stiffing over the fans, can someone help out a fellow fan?
08/07/2013 12:27PM
re:What happened?
Yeah, a wife called in to do war of the roses on her husband. Her husband wanted to send the flowers to another man. Nothing really happened, but he politely told his wife he didn't want to do this on the radio. It was an awkward, uncomfortable,and incredibly private that justifiably was justifiably ended early.
08/07/2013 5:46PM
Original Poster to reply
Thank you very much for the clear and concise explanation. I appreciate it. I hope others do as well.
08/07/2013 9:55PM
Since we gets none
08/08/2013 10:05AM
You can listen live on the front page listening. This is how I listen to it, it also helps there rating.
08/08/2013 1:29PM
In case you guys didn't ralize, War of the Roses is fake. It's a game that 100 other radio stations across the country play on a weekly basis. It's illegal to have someone on the air without their knowledge of being recorded. That right there tells you it's fake. Plus, I have a friend who works in radio in the Bay Area and she says it's all a game with willing participants.
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