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Wednesday August 28, 2013

War of the Roses

This gets intense!

Buzz Briefs

More Syria news and more!

Big news outta KC!

And we got a follow up with our lovely club top!

Pump your breast milk... Beach Ball edition?

08/28/2013 10:26AM
Wednesday August 28, 2013
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08/28/2013 12:26PM
No more political commentary on Syria
Unless you can give me some sort of qualifications that someone named "Danny Boi" has to be reporting on the Syrian conflict, please stop reporting on it. If I wanted actual, legitimate commentary I would change the station to NPR where I could listen to qualified journalists report on this. I don't want your conspiracy theories and opinions. Seriously, this is what is wrong with the "news" and that people listen to this and take it as the truth is what is wrong with this country. I am a giant, 9 month pregnant woman and i'm angry! Don't make my fat a** come down there!
08/28/2013 2:34PM
Just FYI on storing breastmilk
Moms can store their milk in a cooler with ice packs for up to 24 hours. So this mama does not need to dump her milk. Happy to see this story!
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