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Wednesday August 22, 2012

  In headlines today the guys discussed many important things while I picked up salads. 

  Slimfast wants to discuss Courtney Stodden.  Lazlo...not so much.      

  The secret to happiness is...    

  Soren Bowie from Cracked dot com! 

  This segment is about bad music and arm socks. 

  Sports with our favorite, Carrington!  

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08/22/2012 6:04PM
Wednesday August 22, 2012
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08/22/2012 6:43PM
Soren Bowie interview
I heard the Soren Bowie interview on the drive home. I actually wanted to hear him, rather than you two interrupting him! Holy... It was like when I've been stuck listening to Bill O'Riley! Guys, let the guest get a word in edgewise next time!
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