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Wednesday August 14, 2013

Chad Rogers Memorial Concert

The Beautiful Bodies joined the show to talk about the Chad Rogers Memorial Show that is taking place this Friday!

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08/14/2013 10:55AM
Wednesday August 14, 2013
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08/14/2013 11:26AM
08/14/2013 12:21PM
no joke...
why no WOTR?? =(
08/14/2013 12:48PM
WotR on Podcast
War of the Roses is on the podcast: 14 august . It starts at 18:30. It was worth a listen. At least to me. So many nuisances. The spirituality issue. The marriage/commitment issue. The distance issue. So much here but I don't want to say more an ruin it. I would recommend this; I am a listener not the radio's lazy employees who must be getting too much of a buzz to get the job done right. But trust, this one was worth trying to find and listening to.
08/14/2013 1:06PM
War of roses
I'm at lunch and I wanted to listen to war of the roses and nothing...
08/14/2013 10:20PM
Question if anyone is listening.
you all read the text line during the show. Do you ever read these comments? By far the majority are about WofR. Doesn't that stand to reason that you should do it correctly? you only do it once a week. That is 52 times a year at most. But you don't even bother when you are off. That is at least 4 years you don't do it at all. you don't put on a note unless you are off the air. Shouldn't you at least try and do better? Maybe you just don't care. Maybe I should just write a letter to the people who advertise online since you don't seem to be able to get it right. Kind of sad actually because it seems rather simple to either post the correct files online or put on a message. Is there something the listening public is missing?
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