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Wednesday August 13, 2014

War of the Roses (Salad Edition) 

Buzz Briefs

Celebrity Death Pool


08/13/2014 10:22AM
Wednesday August 13, 2014
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08/14/2014 10:20PM
WotR Count up to AUG 13, 2014
Yearly count: 28 out of 33 weeks. Chrissy is checking on Jacob. Jacob lost weight, now is he trying to lose Chrissy too? She is afraid. Is it justified? Well I guess we have to wait through a completely out place laughing-fit to find out what is going on. Not sure what is so funny about it but at some point the professionalism lost out to two people just getting paid. Then magically Afentra recovered. Something tells me Jacob knows the deal. Just seems like he was too confident about the whole thing. And the salad crack that ended the segment was just plain stupid. Seems like this particular segment was ruined by amateurish radio hosting. Maybe next week it will be more like normal. I stick by my statements. I am pretty sure that it is considered amateurish to laugh that much during any segment. Some laughter will occur. Especially during WotR. But a fit? Did not seem warranted there. Heck no DJ in their entire show should laugh that much in aggregate. You can say it is because of WotR and threaten to shut it down. But first ask if you don’t think that could happen during Buzz Briefs? Or any segment you have whether regular staple of the show or not. That was just plain unprofessional. The difference between getting paid and someone who is a career radio host. Because anyone can just go on the radio and laugh. Oh and another point in my favor; you were so busy laughing that you did not mention Snow & Company at all. You even had extra opportunity to do so. Thumbs down.
08/21/2014 1:43PM
You realize you're wasting countless time during the week summing up a fake segment, right? Check the internet. This is a stunt that's pulled off regularly on many stations across the US. IT'S NOT REAL!
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