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Wednesday April 24, 2013

   In headlines today the guys discussed some topics. Lazlo was less than impressed.  

   I had a rough night.  

   How many times a year do you break the law?  

   And now more drunken Lazlo and Slimfast stories.      

   It's Soren Bowie!!  

  We debut a new game:  Did He See It?!   

   Recap of my night.  

   So Adam Carolla is a bit racist.   

   Sports with Danny Parkins!  

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya, 

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04/24/2013 6:11PM
Wednesday April 24, 2013
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04/25/2013 9:37PM
pre-first: funny how you started sounding like Adam Carolla not 5 minutes after your diatribe against him. huh. What do you say off the air? First the muslim religion isn't a race, which I think makes you racist since you said that it is. Second, who is doing the majority of the blowing up of things in the world today? Is those who practice christianity, those who practice judaism? Are there a lot of buddhists and jehovah witnesses out there bombing people with vests on? No, it's muslims. It’s not a racist point, it's a reality. these are the people that are committing horrible crimes. It's not a RACE it's a RELIGION. Adam's an atheist he just cares about people and what's right. he's pretty moderate as far as politics goes. Do you even listen to his show? Comments like this on FM/AM radio is why I don't listen anymore. Are you espousing an agenda or just stupid? Also Adam does want gun control. He doesn’t want people to have an AR at their disposal and he a FU{ING COMEDIAN. Do you no know what a fu{ing shtick is ? And are you implying that Adam hates Latinos? WTF? Go f!!k yourselves and your god! By the way. I am an atheist that has no political affiliation: abortion is good, guns are good (with background checks), gay marriage is good, stop taxing everything, pro pot, but don’t smoke (that’s something you should tax), anti tsa (privatize), free speech forever, f!!K the banks, we also need the banks, just regulated. I only like people and humanity. I am also a person that hates pandering. That’s what you are doing and really for no reason. Is it because he has decided to do bill o’rielly ?
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