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Wednesday April 23, 2014

War of the Roses

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Derek Minkensky


04/23/2014 9:54AM
Wednesday April 23, 2014
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04/23/2014 5:49PM
Is there a presale for Paul McCartney
04/24/2014 4:13PM
To the above person:
You probably need to get on the text line. Or call the office. This is from another listener, not the station. But asking on here is probably not a good idea. I would bet text line would be best. Either the station could answer by text back or they mightanswer on the air. Especially if you are "persistent".
04/24/2014 4:13PM
WotR Count up to APR 23, 2014
Yearly count: 13 out of 17 weeks. Nicole checking on Mark. Mark sent them to Nicole. So he is just a degenerate gambler and not also an adulterer. DARN! But he did work hard for those flowers. Hoping it was a contest. Oh well. He did get reallysnippy by the end. And he was not at all happy about things. Girls, be wary of what you agree to. Because it is one thing we guys listen to and hold you to. Shame that Nicole backed out on what she agreed on. Not cool Nicole.
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