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Wednesday April 16, 2014

War of the Roses

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Alex the Shadower 


04/16/2014 11:05AM
Wednesday April 16, 2014
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04/24/2014 4:09PM
WotR Count up to APR 16, 2014
Yearly count: 12 out of 16 weeks. Chloe "kind of ~ checking on" Jack. This was a train wreck and I enjoyed every second. I loved this segment personally. I hope that everyone else listening did too. Because "girls be like..." Anyway; why did Chloe throw the friend Nick under the bus? Wouldn't it have been better if Chloe just said "I have been with one of your friends, good luck figuring out who?" Click, Hang Up. Wouldn't that have been better? Bad playa move Chloe. Also, this is why a taped performance would help. Not for us, for Afentra. We the audience do not interact with anyone we just listen. But Afentra does work setting these things up. Why? To get punked? I would think there is a better way. But that is just me. I think it would make it better for Afentra. Because personally I am laughing at.
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