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Wednesday April 10, 2013

  In headlines today the guys discussed the fact we might not have jobs Monday, some sexy cereal and other stuff.  

  We test our ratings with a game called, "How Long To Call."                   

  Screw it we'll just play Macklemore. 

  Finally, a hot guy!  

  <---- What this meme says.     

   B.S. Movies!!!  

   Sports with Danny Parkins!   

Thanks for listening today! 

Love Ya, 

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04/10/2013 7:13PM
Wednesday April 10, 2013
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04/10/2013 9:52PM
Don't leave us!
I listen every day on my commute to and from work. If 96.5 is no longer, I will no longer listen to the radio. :(
04/10/2013 10:25PM
No Mo Radio
If 96.5 the buzz goes off air I will go from listening to radio every now and then to NEVER.
04/10/2013 10:32PM
I can't believe you guys are going to be gone, I get my license next week and trust me, I was looking forward to just jamming to the buzz full blast in my car.. But who knows, things could change. Spreading the word & hopefully the ratings willgo up!
04/10/2013 10:40PM
Listening for ten years
I moved to KC in 2003 and fell in love with this station. I have listened every day as possible. I moved to Wichita in 2009 and still listen every day to the Buzz over the internet. The Buzz is my lifeline to the music I love. If this station gets reformatted, I will be crushed! How do I help save you? If the Buzz goes away the only station I will listen to is NPR, and that is sad!
04/10/2013 11:11PM
We'll help..
This is what happens when you ditch country psychic. I'm kidding. But.. what can we do to help out? I listen when I can, but 99% of the time I have to listen to the blog because the reception where I'm at is shoddy at best.(I live about 70 miles east of KC) Honestly, I haven't missed a single show since I discovered the blog. I would donate money to keep you guys going. I think a lot of people would.
04/11/2013 2:36AM
My midnight snack!
I wake up in the middle of the night and need you, want you , desire you! Please don't leave me!
04/11/2013 7:15AM
Sex change
I will become a middle aged woman to save the Buzz!
04/11/2013 8:25AM
I don't think it's you guys...
I think it's what the music labels are giving you to play. I can't remember the last time a single was released that I was excited to hear on the radio, that made me want to crank the volume and run home to purchase for my iPod. Maybe the Imagine Dragons, Radioactive. It's been a while. :( I listen to the show on my drive home and enjoy the talk & banter & games, but when the music plays I start channel surfing. What do you see on your side in regard to the music? Are there songs you play right now that people are constantly texting or calling asking you to play? Your the only station in the area that truly plays an alternative genre, so I don't want to see you or ABFMB go.
04/11/2013 8:34AM
ditto previous comments
I listen to the previous days show on the blog every day. My commute/work schedule doesn't allow me to listen live :/ Is Lazlo going to become a college professor again?
04/11/2013 8:35AM
Best station in KC
96.5 is by far the best radio station in KC. I never listened to the radio before I started listening to the buzz, but now I listen every morning on my way to school, and every afternoon on my way home from school. This is true for a great number of my friends as well...but I guess the world is out of touch....NOW WHAT AM GOING TO LISTEN TO???? 99.7??? NO WAY!!!
04/11/2013 8:39AM
Dont Go!
Your station is fantastic! You guys are hilarious and the only station I can listen to when talk turns to elections or politics in general. I cant imagine what my commute will be like with out you guys or ABFMB!
04/11/2013 11:27AM
Try This
Remove RHCP and Beastie Boys from the playlist. Or at least don't play them so often. I'd listen more.
04/11/2013 12:20PM
Alternative to What?
Listen 3-6 every day. The rest of the time, KEXP. Your show is what it is. Two guys talking about their dicks. Meredith is perfect just the way she is.
04/11/2013 12:46PM
And not a moment too soon
Why is your station so far down in the rankings? It's not the music you play, it's the personalities you air. Pretentious, insulting, and sophomoric. Everyday on my drive to and from work, I always land on your station and stop scanning because you're playing a good song. Then the song ends and one of your idiot DJs with a microphone has to spout some kind of nauseating BS. Your morning show is cringe-worthy at best, with that woman who has the gravel-grater voice spewing on about topics well above her pay grade. Your afternoon drive show is tolerable for about 90 seconds until one of them starts talking about peeing their pants or trying to build up sexual tension with the woman on the show. WTF, man. Stop with the shtick, stop insulting everyone's intelligence (especially you, morning radio hag) and just play good music.
04/11/2013 1:47PM
Another one?
We need another Save the Buzz Rally. I won't ever be listening to the radio very often if the Buzz is gone.
04/11/2013 2:35PM
What? Nooo!
I agree with the previous poster(s). I moved to Peculiar, Missouri in 2008 and loved the Buzz immediately. I had to move back to Wichita several months ago and listen to you guys on my phone EVERY DAY all day at work...I don't know what I can do, but I will do whatever it is! There is no alternative stations here in Wichita since about 2006. What will we do without alternative music???
04/11/2013 2:46PM
I hope you don't get fired...
But if you do, Boston needs good alt rock DJs. Whatever happens, I will listen to whatever you put online (or on the air waves in BeanTown.) Good Luck. First Sam Brownback, now if you leave will there be any reason to ever move back?
04/11/2013 2:56PM
It's the sweepers, man
I listen at drivetime, because I like Afentra and Meredith (I could lose Lazlo's humor, though I love his politics). But any other time I'm ni the car with my kids, I can't listen because of the sweepers. I never know when you're going to surprise me (or my six-year-old) with a brief introduction to sex and drugs (rock and roll is fine). Lose those, and I can listen more.
04/11/2013 5:19PM
I love you people
Maybe I can personally hire Afentra to follow me around and make me laugh and Laslo to do a minute by minute voice over narration of my life as I live it?
04/11/2013 5:56PM
Bad Commercials
I listen before and after work, but can't during because of the terrible sex toy commercials. Lose those and I'm sure you'll get more listeners.
04/11/2013 7:22PM
Much more than radio
I love the music and the talk. The new music is great and has led to me purchase a number of albums. The biggest thing for me though is the concerts. Without The Buzz, KC does not land nearly as many stellar concerts. Nearly every concert I have been to the past 10 years was either sponsored or promoted by The Buzz. You guys are the heart and soul of alternative music here in the midwest. Please find away to pull this out. I will be leaving multiple radios on at home while I'm at work.
04/11/2013 10:27PM
RE: "And not a moment too soon" ...
Can shut the hell up, go listen to another station then. 98.1 sounds like something right up your alley.
04/12/2013 12:48AM
10 years ago you were playing and saying the same junk. Freshen-up!
07/16/2013 2:06PM
You won't be missed.
Take a lesson from KEXP and 97.7 in Reykjavik, Iceland both stations I listen to online at home, work and in my car. Fantastic music, FRESH music they play. The only reason 96.5 is programmed into my radio is it was a preset from the city I moved from. The Buzz dj's are equally annoying as the commercials you play. The legnth of the commericals are painful as well. Also the name "The Buzz" is a dinosaur moniker from the 90's. Maybe a better alternative staion in KC will make you guys change the way you operate.
07/17/2013 2:08PM
Probably the worst alternative station I've ever heard.
Outdated playlist. Repeative songs as well, from the outdated playlist. WWCD in Columbus is a perfect example of how an alternative station should be. Sometimes when landing on 96.5 it's hard to tell if it's a music or a talk radio stationwith all the talking that goes on. Since it's usually talking from one of the annoying radio programs I just turn to another station or play a cd.
10/19/2013 9:24AM
This station is still on the air???
I found 96.5 on search mode on my radio the other day and can't believe you are still on the air. When will it ever end?????
04/06/2014 2:40PM
the buzz sucks
please kill the buzz
09/27/2014 8:53AM
Bye bye JERKS
Maybe at your next gig you won't be so ready to walk into another person's life, without permission, and dangle them in front of your adoring fans for your collective amusement, I truly hope all of you have the courage to own up to what you did and NOT EVER come back to KC.
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