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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Buzz Briefs

War of the Roses

Girl checks in on guy. Guy has an interesting response.



 Halloweenie Roast Hash Tag Game

#ShowMeYourBinder in honor of Mitt Romney and the debate.



10/17/2012 10:08AM
Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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10/17/2012 12:05PM
Thank you!
Thank you! It was so awesome today with War of the Roses! I am the same out of town guy who leaves comments [notice that I am leaving this pretty early and I live in the Pacific time zone]. There aren’t that many people who comment here. I am not sure you read my comments. But if you have, Thank you! I say thanks for letting the guy hang himself. you didn’t have to say anything. He stuttered his way to an early divorce. I wish that Alexis had yelled at him. But I am glad that she didn’t. Why? Because Michael comes off as an idiot. And Katie comes off as a loose woman. If Alexis had yelled, she would have looked stupid. But she is smart. She was right. That sucks that she was. I hope that she can work out things. If Afentra had yelled, she would have looked stupid as well. Notice that Danny never yells. He just makes fun. That is the more professional way of handling it. Just let the two people who are involved handle it. It is much better radio. And it is the professional way to handle it. It is what you would do if it was an employee. You, Afentra, would not yell at an employee and her/his spouse. Because then you, Afentra, would be fired for inappropriate behavior. So in the future, more of the couple, less of the hosts. The couple always has more problems. Their method of handling it is such good radio. This morning was mint. I was so happy. Well, not for Alexis; I do wish she wasn’t getting cheated on. But at least she knows now. Good luck to Alexis.
10/17/2012 6:38PM
to the person above, you should get a twitter! best way to communicate with the afentra and dannyboi. If you do, hit me up at @KC_buzz. I'll follow you. Cheers!
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