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War of The Roses

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02/25/2009 9:21AM
War of The Roses
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02/26/2009 9:13AM
Lerone Jefferson
Dear Big Fat Morning Buzz, Afentra I love the show. Much success. I really enjoy the hard work you put into the show. And your on air staff does a great job. War of the Roses was great this morning. I am new to the area and never heard it before when you were here. I have lived in a couple states; Texas, Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania, because of my job and listened to tons of radio stations. None had a feature like War of the Roses. I try to listen to it every week. I know they also used to be online but I can’t seem to find them anymore since the website was restructured. My comment is specific to cases like this morning where it is obvious that the person [usually a woman since I have only heard one where it was a guy calling in] can be set up with someone. That’s right, I am advocating using The BFMB as a dating hook up for more people than just Jeriney, whom I do enjoy listening to and hope finds love herself. But if that A-Hole in Columbia would have had to listen to his ex girlfriend make plans for her next date, I bet she wouldn’t have seemed so crazy then. I will continue to listen. And look forward to the show. And big ups to Lazlo as well. Have a Great Day, Lerone
02/26/2009 7:28PM
Logan McCormick
I don't know if I can cuss or not but damn, that dude was a bitch! Either he has been cheating and was with his girl when she showed up his door or he is just that much of an ass hole to just end it without telling her. SHALLOW!! Well that's all i got tosay.
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