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War Of The Roses

Don't tell your best friends girl that you might have cheated....

Part I: WOR I


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02/11/2009 9:22AM
War Of The Roses
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02/12/2009 4:35AM
Sorry Allison, but take a lesson from history "I didn't have sex with that woman." so said President Clinton. No, methinks Chucky's been a naughty boy. And for those of you who think War of the Roses is fake... "Uh...I mean I didn't have sex..uh, we need to talk...uh, I made a mistake, duh...ummm...I'm sorry" Sorry, but not even Heath Ledger could manage such ingenuous, thick-headed elocution. Poor Allison.
02/13/2009 8:50PM
oh man! i really wanna know what happened... but more than that i'm distrubed by how interested i am in someone else's business. not that i don't empathize with allison, but should i have known about this? i feel kinda scuzzy.
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