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Tuesday October 8, 2013

   The Olms came in the studio and played for us to start off the show!  

   In headlines today the guys discussed schools telling kids they're fat, and Slimfast had one more update about those bikers.   

   Slimfast's Survey!!!  My favorite!   

  The guys talk Sasquatch with Dr. Ketchum.     

   Slimfast forgot something important today.   

   We started talking about a news story then...   

  Sports with the guys.    

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya, 

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10/08/2013 6:22PM
Tuesday October 8, 2013
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10/09/2013 1:35PM
Low-Laz Stop Chopping Slimfast’s Comedic
That comment about a “Hey gim’me one of those fruity drinks, Man”. Hilarious! That is probably the funniest thing that will be on this show all year.
10/09/2013 6:51PM
Regarding the concussion topic: we consider boxing a sport to cause brain damage yet have looked the other way do long with football why? Anyone who thinks football isn't a high risk for it needs to reassess the contact involved in the sport and over a lifetime of playing it.
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