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Tuesday October 29, 2013

Buzz Briefs

Ketchup and someone almost got cut at BK?

What do riddles and giraffes have in common?

10/29/2013 11:10AM
Tuesday October 29, 2013
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10/29/2013 12:09PM
can you reload the audio? it's not working.
10/29/2013 1:20PM
Not working. Thanks.
10/29/2013 5:26PM
My sanity depends on this blog... Stop being a tease, and give me some action.
10/30/2013 8:27AM
A different person than those other three
It's still no working, please fix it. I want to hear what's inspiring those giraffes.
10/30/2013 11:04AM
We got it fixed!
10/30/2013 11:21AM
Listening now!
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