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Tuesday May 20, 2014

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Danny is doing a poker tourney

05/20/2014 9:32AM
Tuesday May 20, 2014
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05/20/2014 10:52PM
Did you know?
All of April's posts have been deleted? Are you planning on doing anything about that?
05/20/2014 11:11PM
Did you know?
You come off like kind of a d!ck? You planning on doing anything about that?
05/20/2014 11:15PM
Re: Did you know that I knew that you knew
The "d!ck" comment was referring to the poster above, not you guys. Love and guacamole and cake.
05/21/2014 10:41AM
hey, it's mark
I don't know where the April posts went. We haven't done anything on our end to delete them so not sure what's going on. I'll ask around though.
05/21/2014 8:34PM
Mark. Thanks for addressing this issue quickly. You are a loyal and faithful employee. Keep playing those accordion hits. To the Troll who probably lives in KC but listens online, not even live on online instead just the paired down version here; Thanks to you as well. You were a big help. Appreciate you chiming in; after I did. I am someone from out of town. I am something who can’t listen on terrestrial radio. I listen online after the fact because I can’t listen live. What is your excuse? Where are your praises to the show? I don’t see many comments from you. I have made many comments over the years. I have also been critical too. Because I truly believe both help. Where are helping them? Are you getting more listeners? I am. I have converted many out here out of towners to this show. What are you doing to “Help Spread The Buzz!” [Free tagline, would make a good bumper sticker, you’re welcome 96.5]? Stop trolling and Listen Longer !!
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