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Tuesday March 19, 2014

War of the Roses

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03/19/2014 11:07AM
Tuesday March 19, 2014
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03/19/2014 1:54PM
Commercials, really?
Do you get a kickback for playing commercials before the War of the Roses? Maybe don't do that any more. Thanks.
03/20/2014 7:45AM
Fast forward
Easy fix.
03/20/2014 9:30AM
Near meltdown...
Under "Hosts & Shows" on the website, ABFMB is no longer shown. I thought the show had been canceled or something. Please fix soon! Thanks!
03/20/2014 1:24PM
Near meltdown...
Canceling the show would be doing a favor to everyone with ears and a radio.
03/21/2014 2:28PM
War of the roses
They should just cancel war of the roses for all the bitching u ppl do
03/26/2014 3:55PM
WotR Count up to MAR 19, 2014
Yearly count: 8 out of 12 weeks. One month missing out of the first three months of the year. Not sure if that sits well with anyone else. It does not with me. I renew my suggestion that the company & prizes need to be changed and kept fresh. Vacations. Spa. Hotel Packages. Make up new companies like KC’s Best Coffee gift packages. Special romance packages with a restaurant and/or hotel. This way the person called is more off guard. To this week’s victim; if that had been a guy he would have been roasted. I think that Barb got off really light. And seems like Afentra turned on Joel pretty completely at the end. I did not hear what indicated that he knew what was going on with Barb? Even if he did, seriously?!! Maybe some more fair treatment is in order. I mean the lack of indignation for this cheating woman is completely unfair. I have listened to and laughed while Afentra unloads on men whether married or not. But this time; she is skeptical of Joel not Barb. I mean Barb picked up that it was a radio station real quick. Like real quick! Afentra said the station name once and Barb got it right away. No speculation. Not one bit toward Barb. I mean why would Joel make up a family cruise of all things? I suspect if that was a guy; Afentra would have gone flame on.
03/30/2014 11:44PM
War of the roses
Canceling War of the roses would be a terrible idea! You see, war of the roses is like crack cocaine to me. It gives me something to look forward too every week. I go to school out of state and got my friends hooked on it. So you, shut. yo. mouth! lol
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