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Tuesday March 12, 2013

   In headlines today we discussed a lot of things but I'm high so I can't remember... just click the button.    

   Ray Romano works on the 2nd floor now.   

   We talk to Sara from the Kansas City Atheist Coalition.  

   It takes a village, people!    

   Sports with NICK WRIGHT!!!!  

Thanks for listening today! 

Love ya, 


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03/12/2013 6:07PM
Tuesday March 12, 2013
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03/16/2013 12:01PM
uncut and unclean
Does anyone read the comments on here? the comments on here kind of feel like the blind spot behind the toilet where you know its dirty but it does not matter because no one actually takes the time to look at it.... In that case keep up the good work.
03/16/2013 12:04PM
uncut and unclean
Does any one read these comments? The comment board on here seems like the spot behind the toilet that you know is dirty but it doesnt matter because no one take the time to look at anyways.... In that case love the show keep up the good work.
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