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Tuesday March 11, 2014

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The Animal


03/11/2014 7:51AM
Tuesday March 11, 2014
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03/11/2014 1:53PM
I miss you guys!
03/12/2014 9:39AM
Try something for me
What browser are you using? Try all options (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc). Let me know if they all don't work.
03/12/2014 5:16PM
This isn't the same person, but I tried in all 3 browsers and the audio isn't showing up. :c
03/12/2014 9:17PM
Still not working. They had this issue last week too but it go fixed.
03/12/2014 11:30PM
Do they even care?
No browser is working. No show is updated for Wednesday. No nothing. Is this even a real station? Why is it that 610 sports which is in the same building doesn't have these same problems? WTF?
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