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Afentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz

Tuesday June 11, 2013

*We lost power for a while this morning... so we tried to get as much of the audio from the show on here for you as possible*

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06/11/2013 9:49AM
Tuesday June 11, 2013
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06/11/2013 1:31PM
bugs in blog
having trouble playing the files. it seems like the blogs (not only ABFMB but COL, too) have been kind of buggy the past week or so
06/12/2013 9:51AM
Fix coming soon... we hope!
We've contacted the people who are in charge off-site and they will hopefully have it working soon. In the meantime, you can check out the daily audio under "recent audio" on the main page and also in the podcast. Sorry for the inconvenience the last few days! -Mark
06/16/2013 4:33PM
Thanks, Mark! The Wednesday posts are also messed up. Thanks for fixing 'em!
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