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The Church of Lazlo


Tuesday June 05, 2012

  In headlines today the guys discussed important issues facing our nation while picked up salads.   

  Slimfast may have a drug problem. Ok, ok he has a drug problem. 

  Hey, Octane Blue has nothing on old Kali.   

  Things our parents lied about.      

   Here is a lesson in respect. 

  "Short people got nobody to love..." -Randy Newman 

  We had a plan for this segment, but like always we reverted back male anatomy.  

  Sports with Danny Parkins!   

Thanks you for listening today!

Love Ya,

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06/05/2012 6:13PM
Tuesday June 05, 2012
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06/07/2012 2:33PM
invite OctaneBlue on the show!
I listened to the segment about OctaneBlue, and as a fan of his I think Lazlo should tweet him and invite him as a guest on the show! that'd be awesome!
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