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Tuesday April 9, 2013

  In headlines today the guys discussed traveling to Cuba, Joel Olsteen's faith and other hot topics!  

  ...And cue all the angry texts from 913 numbers about guns! 

  The IRS is stalking you on Facebook.  

  What do Meredith and Elaine have in common?   

  A helicopter crashed because the pilot was texting.  

  It Jackson or Johnson County!  

  One guy buys a poodle and gets ferret!  

   Sports with Danny Parkins!   

Thanks for listening today! 

Love Ya, 

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Locations : Johnson County
People : Danny ParkinsJoel Olsteen

04/09/2013 6:25PM
Tuesday April 9, 2013
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04/10/2013 3:35PM
Why your ratings suck
I have been listening to this station for 10 yrs. Stop playing regae and billy idiol. You are all very smart, stop talking about sex and drugs. I am very conservative and love to listen to your perspective. Keep it clean and I listen at work on the computer, you play about 20 songs all day, change it up a little.
04/11/2013 1:49PM
I don't know why your ratings suck but you guys are awesome!
The music you guys play is fine I like it but honestly listen more for the morning show and you guys. I don't consider myself conservative or liberal but in every day life I am very "clean". I am 25, I have a young child, I have never done drugs, been with one person my whole adult life, I don't even drink but I love listening to you guys- the less "clean" the better! You guys make me laugh out loud and make my work day so much better. Keep it up! I listen at my work computer also but there are these awesome contraptions called headphones so my pod-mates don't have to hear what I am listening to!
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