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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


311 is comin to town, and we want you to take their non-erotic photos. But before we grant you front row access to take photos of the band during their set, you're going to have to show your work.

We at ABFMB want you to find a Kansas City celebrity take his/her picture (with a sign that says '311' for verification). From Luis Mendoza to Brian Busby, we want you to be our local paparazzo. Make sure you submit it to our Facebook ( to share with the world.

Since you guys are a bunch of cheaters let us make this clear, you CANNOT use a photo taken before 08/14/2012. No sorry, I don't care you met Chris Angel in Vegas, KC only!

Entries are due before 9AM CST Friday. As photography is subjective, so will be the judging, Afentra and Danny will choose a winner.

Diva Cup

How many of you are using Diva Cup... more than you might suspect!

Buzz Briefs

Paprika, insurance, and more in today's buzz briefs.

311 Photo Contest

We have a contest for you to attend and photograph the first 3 songs of 311's set! Read the top of the blog for details!

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08/14/2012 9:42AM
Tuesday, August 14, 2012
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08/14/2012 4:30PM
The Secret to the Mystery Surrounding Wheat and Health
My name is Joe Beeso and I am a health-obsessed 18 year old. I have a couple comments to make on Wheat and the mystery surrounding it to the american public. Most people nowadays have less knowledge about what is processed, unhealthy, or falsely claiming to be healthy for you. This is due directly to the fact that our society has more access to food and the internet. Wheat is Pasta, Bread (Both White and Whole Wheat), Flour, other products with grains etc. We know that Pasta means Carbohydrates --- which if you don't burn off that energy from carbs like taking a walk around the block with the dog ---- these carbs go straight to ur hips Protein is the first fuel/energy source for the body, then comes simple and complex carbs, simple carbs are like bread and wheat---- complex carbs are known as starches (EX. Potatoes, Rice, etc) Then comes sugar Eating a processed loaf of bread from like Walmart is full of fat ---- especially White Bread ---- very bad carbs to eat!!! u have to diversify ur food intake --- with more protein like chicken and turkey, and red meats are okay but unhealthy if its like Ham or Bacon which are fatty More veggies and more colors Fruits are recommended at a low serving size because they have natural sweeteners in them. These natural sugars turn straight into stored energy(A.K.A. Fat) if u don't burn it off Exercising used to be a complex thought but now after research and trial and error everyday I run a mile around the neighborhood and it only takes me 15 minutes 15!!!! then every morning regardless of when I wake up I just do push ups and situps Its very simple --- don't believe any of those commercials on TV, always read the nutrition label looking for ingredients that are not common names in the household like "Citric Acid", yea just gonna add some Citric acid to my eggs here LOL More Proteins and Veggies Less Fat More Often and Less Sugar(INCLUDING FRUIT SUGARS)
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