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Monday September 15, 2014

In the headlines today the guys discuss Adrian Peterson, Kanye West, and Miss America

Nick Wright calls in to talk about Adrian Peterson

The Adrian Peterson case has spurred on a discussion of child abuse

Lazlo takes an agree lady's phone call

Urban Outfitters and their offensive sweatshirt

Some parents are letting their kids have sex at home

A new study has found the key to having a happy marriage

Thanks for listening today!

Keeping Meredith's seat warm,
- Connor

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Friday September 12, 2014

In the headlines today the guys discussed Pat Roberts, The Ravens owner, Sarah Palin, and all the mixed races of the world

Alien Ant Farm - Homage:

Bad Suns - Salt:

TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot:

K. Flay - Make Me Fade:

Kasabian - eez-eh:

The Drums - Kiss Me Again:

The guys discuss Adrian Peterson and child abuse

Sexting and teachers with guns

Sam stops by to say hello

Random pains, Connor, and Bud from Married with Children

Thanks for listening today!

Keeping Merediths seat warm,

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Thursday September 11, 2014

In the headlines today the guys discussed problems with the Halloweenie roasts, 9/11, and soccer

The guys talk to our intern Lizzy

Connor was tasked with watching transexual porn.

Inevitably, the subject of Connor and his girlfriend gets brought up

The kids stopped by to give some advice on dealing with bullies

The guys try to watch their language around the kids

Thanks for listening today. Congratulations Meredith! We miss you!

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Wednesday September 10, 2014

The guys discuss Cee-Lo and Broken Bells

Halloweenie Roastssssss

The on-going saga of Ray Rice

Things your parents used to do that would now get you arrested

Hidden porn stashes

Sorry for the lack of awesome paint drawings and being late. I wanted to make sure I got everyone the audio as fast as I could. Needless to say, Meredith is already missed.


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Monday September 8, 2014

In headlines today the guys discussed baby showers, the news and some other stuff.

Lazlo is arguing with people on the text line now.

Okay. So Slimfast was attacked on Saturday.

Some teens seriously suck.

It's Nick Wright!

No, we aren't getting paid for this bit.

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,
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Thursday September 4, 2014

In headlines today Lazlo revealed Joan Rivers was supposed to be his surprise guest at Beach Ball, the dad from Georgia that killed his toddler and other hot topics.

JCCC is on lockdown right now, but that's all we know.

It's Lazlo and Afentra's anniversary.

A school slut shames a 15-year-old.

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,
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Wednesday September 3, 2014

In headlines today the guys discussed Lazlo's new shirt, Scratch Cat and Pookie pouches and other hot topics.

Slimfast found a list of the most perfect albums according to

A guy without a face knocked on Slimfast's door last night.

Soren Bowie!

As Salt-N-Pepa said, "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one."

The best part of this story is when the HIV comes into play.

Thanks for listening!

Love Ya,
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Tuesday September 2, 2014

In headlines today the guys discussed Bieber, Joan Rivers and nudie pics.

Talk about a bad day.

Well, this conversation started out about the nudie pic leeks...

Slimfast's Survey!

How much money do those guys that do walk through videos for gamers make?

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,
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