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Thursday September 26, 2013

   In headlines today we discussed tired pilots, awesome advances in technology and other hot topics!  

   I'm in need of Dr. Lazlo Web MD.     

   Well, this is just insulting.

We spent the rest of the day playing Beach Ball artists and giving away meet and greet passes!

Thanks for listening!

Love Ya, 

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09/26/2013 7:14PM
Thursday September 26, 2013
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09/27/2013 11:58AM
Incredibly frustrated at the moment
Ok this is probably something very dumb that I'm doing, not being able to find the list of 3 songs played yesterday (26th) around 5pm. There was a prize given to who texted first the song titles and I couldn't understand the winner when he said the first song and I'm going crazy trying to find it please help! Thanks :)
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