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Afentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz

Thursday May 2, 2013

Buzz Briefs 1

What's going on in Seattle?

Buzz Briefs 2

Friends of the Boston bomber are in trouble.

What kind of friend are you?


What should you know that you don't?




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05/02/2013 9:15AM
Thursday May 2, 2013
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05/02/2013 12:35PM
Come on man!
Afentra is one cool character[sarcasm]. If someone is throwing rocks at Afentra, she is just going to be cool. Not worry. She is just going to stand there and take it. Good to know. Why isn't she a cop since she has nerves of steel? I have been in a few crowds. I have never seen just one rock get thrown in a cord. One person thinks it is OK. Then two or three more do. Not the whole crowd. But rarely just one. So how do you stop that? Use measures that make the people move. I large flash and sounds that disorients you makes you move. Tear gas makes people move. Afentra seems to think that police are SUPPOSED to be attacked. They are not! No person should be attacked, ever! Whenever anyone is attacked they are going to react. Putting on a police uniform does not one mean you can be attacked or two that you become non-human. People whether gathering peacefully or not; do not have the right to attack their fellow person. Even if that person is in a police uniform. You cannot attack other people. No matter what. Not even police. Actually especially not police in uniform. I can’t see why this is so perplexing to Afentra. Please wake up and act like an adult! P.S. Big surprise Afentra does not walk against and ride with. Fundamental to most children. Apparently she missed that day in first grade.
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