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The Church of Lazlo


Thursday March 20, 2014

  In headlines today the guys discussed Wheel of Fortune, Belle Knox and some other hot topics.   

  I was out getting lunch during this segment.  

  Let's talk about Planet Fitness.    

   Lazlo wants a vasectomy.  

  Slimfast's Survey!     

Thanks for listening!

Love Ya, 

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03/20/2014 6:32PM
Thursday March 20, 2014
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03/21/2014 12:39PM
Slimfast - vasectomies are a lot less invasive than a woman getting her tubes tied. Less possibility for surgical mishaps.
03/21/2014 7:25PM
Vasectomy - another person weighing in (see what I did there, Planet Fitness?)
I was really surprised by SlimFast's reaction as well. I mean, I didn't see the diagrams he was drawing, but he seems to not have a great grasp on human anatomy. I'm in my early 30s and know several guys that have gotten's a simple, outpatient surgery (you don't even get put all the way under). That saves women from having to take birth control that effs up their hormones, and YES, women getting their tubes tied is a huge, invasive, irreversible deal. #MissouriNeedsBetterSexEd
03/22/2014 7:50PM
Slimfast, you so crazy!
You better check yoself before you wreck yoself. #mopdatbull
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