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Thursday December 06, 2012

   There were no headlines today!  Slimfast is on vacation so, Lazlo asked the Top 12 Miss Objectified contestants to send him a song, any song and we would play it. 

  Lazlo prefers to listen to a variety of radio, and here is why. 

  Want to know the best thing about The Buzz?  

  I gotta look out for my boys' best interests, you know? 

Thanks for listening today!

Love Ya,

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12/06/2012 7:21PM
Thursday December 06, 2012
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12/07/2012 8:42PM
Miss Objectified songs
What were the songs they chose?
12/08/2012 12:37AM
Yes......can you post their song picks?
12/09/2012 4:25PM
Add me to the list - please post their songs!
12/23/2012 9:58PM
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