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Thursday August 30, 2012

Buzz Briefs

Chipotle is now rounding prices...

Google Fiber... hopefully coming to a neighborhood near you.

No Picture?

Dannyboi wants his picture on the morning show banner and he wants to give props ot people who are under appreciated.

Red Heads

Do redheads smell funny?

Kyra Sedgwick

Another great interview!

08/30/2012 8:54AM
Thursday August 30, 2012
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09/25/2012 7:25AM
Love the show
I love your show and listen to it most mornings on the way to work. The only thing I don't like is how often you use the Lord's name in vain. Everytime I hear you say GD I want to turn the channel or I do turn the channel to another station. Wish you could curve this or just say a different curse word. I'm not trying to bag your show because I do enjoy listening to you but it would be alot better if I didn't have to clinch my jaw everytime you do it. I am a fan, that's the only reason I ask. Thanks for the smiles in the morning.
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