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Thursday April 11, 2013

  In headlines today the guys discussed an attempted suicide at Home Depot, Mexican Barbie and other hot topics that we'll never get to relive because the system crashed.

  Girls, I guess just remember every time you send that nudie pic it's because you're a godless whore.   

  What celebrity sex tape would you like to see?  

  Bill Maas called in for a little chat!  

  Chris Kluwe, ladies and gentlemen!  

  We brought in some of our sales staff to see how well they know The Buzz.  

  I love everything that Lazlo says here.   

  Sports with Danny Parkins!   

Thanks for listening!

Love Ya, 


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04/11/2013 6:29PM
Thursday April 11, 2013
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04/11/2013 7:15PM
how to fix
More music less talk I know you have herd it before but let me say again, we like what you have to say just make it shorter and put more music in if I wanted diatribes I would listen to am or k love.
04/12/2013 1:28AM
Not to be Contrary...
See, I actually don't care about the music. I listen to your show because I like you guys, and I turn the volume down (but never off) when the music comes on. If it was up to me you guys would do straight talk radio, but I know that I don't speak for everyone.
04/12/2013 3:45AM
Dont you dare leave
Ok so here is the deal, you all have to stay on air throughout the rest of my life otherwise radio would be pointless to me. You're the only station that me or any of my workcrew ever listen to. Love you guys. Fraternally, Kanyon Salyer
04/12/2013 8:40AM
Talk/music are balanced
I listen mainly for Lazlo, Slimfast, and Meredith. What's great about 96.5 is it feels like real people behind the mic and not something like Kidd Kraddick (which is just nails on a chalkboard to me). Overall I like the music, but of course there's some bands I just don't resonate with (call me a philistine, but I just cannot stand Mumford&Sons). Main point: I don't know the details of your ratings or what the execs are clamoring on about, but the issue is NOT because your crew talks too much. I find the Church of Lazlo to be a perfect balance of music and talk that I don't find anywhere else on the radio (listening out of Lawrence). Please stay :'(
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