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Afentra's Big Fat Morning Buzz

The Triangle of @$$ Pu$$y!


Afentra dedicates this song to Jeriney, Scoops and the man they shared.

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05/08/2009 7:57AM
The Triangle of @$$ Pu$$y!
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05/08/2009 8:00AM
This is hilarious!
05/08/2009 8:02AM
Chris is ok,looks like the type that would still live with mommy. Scoops is HOT too bad your gay but I wouldn't mind trying to turn you straight lol and Jeriney I would do ya too.
05/08/2009 8:13AM
I'd bang the Muppet.
05/08/2009 8:30AM
LOL Emily
05/08/2009 8:34AM
nice...a little buddussy action never hurt anyone!!!!
05/08/2009 8:51AM
I am not gay, but I think scoops is a better looking man than chris. Did Scoops lower his standards? I wouldn't expect Jeriney and Scoops to attract the same kind of guys... let alone the same one.
05/08/2009 8:59AM
I love the dedication video/song for this love triangle... TOO FUNNY!!!!
05/08/2009 9:45AM
I want to know why Scoops has a professionally done picture of him talking on the telephone. Was it used on the website of his last employer,
05/08/2009 9:49AM
Was that a gay Muppet club? I want to go to there! :)
05/08/2009 3:52PM
Hey Scoops, where's my photo credit? I took that picture!
05/08/2009 4:40PM
I think the guy looks adorable. Look at that smile! Way to go Scoops and Jeriney!
05/08/2009 5:42PM
Ryan C
Hey! So, my neighbor is best friends with "Grandma" she is awesome and told me I had to get online and checkout the picture of her son....yum! And that is the first picture I had ever seen of Scoops. Clearly someone must have spilled some GORGEOUS on him. Holy Effin Sh!t =D
05/09/2009 5:06PM
Now that's a sexy man! Miss you, Scoops.
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