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The Republic Tigers stopped by and pulled a Christian Bale.

Not really, they're super f@*cking nice AND talented. Enjoy a few acoustic tracks.

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02/04/2009 9:06AM
The Republic Tigers stopped by and pulled a Christian Bale.
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02/04/2009 4:48PM
George b.
Whats wrong with Christian Bale????
02/05/2009 9:09AM
al capone
awesome local band.
02/05/2009 12:54PM
Got hooked on these guys the last time they were at KC-Live. We saw them at The Beaumont soon after. Great live band !!!!!
02/21/2009 3:23PM
Hurricane Doorman
Now that's what I like to hear again. Local live music, making the national scene. Way to go...To bad this happened after the death of my home.
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