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The Real Tour Manager of Manchester Orchestra Calls In to Set The Record Straigh


  "How TO NOT sleep with a guy pretending to be a tour manager". Very important PSA on the way.




From: PJ ******** [******]
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 7:46 PM
To: Afentra
Subject: Manchester Orchestra


Umm greetings, 

this might seem out of left field but i assure you the motive is priceless. My name is PJ ********* and i am the tour manager for Manchester Orchestra. Being a KC native myself i found the following very disturbing. One of my friends called me this afternoon informing me about your "war of the roses" interview today. The guys and i got online to check it out and absolutely loved it. Basically i am getting in contact with you because after hearing it and loudly laughing for about 15 minutes the band and i have chosen to make a comment(see image attached) For kate, for Mark, all douche bag fake TM's out there and most importantly to any innocent women this fag bag meets. Just seems like it could be a good time. We are in Pittsburgh tomorrow but i am available for talking if you want to further humiliate... (DO IIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT). I know this could seem sketchy (maybe i am one of marks devious minions) so below i will include my management contact info and my radio rep from sony is going to be trying to get in touch with someone about this too. If it checks out feel free to call or write and lets make it all happen. Hope to Talk soon.  

PS- the idea of a TM being from Kansas City isn't really as crazy as you make it seem. i promise!  

PJ ********* 

Manchester Orchestra TM/FOH 



aim- ******

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03/25/2010 6:03AM
The Real Tour Manager of Manchester Orchestra Calls In to Set The Record Straight
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03/25/2010 6:27AM
Kate has no need for an apology! She asked to be a part of War of the Roses. As a regular listener she should know that 9 times out of 10 S**T happens on WOTR and she should have been prepared for the worse. Also she should thank you for helping her seehow naive she is. Tara
03/25/2010 7:03AM
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03/25/2010 8:26AM
Ryan S.
I know PJ. We went to HS together in Independence. He's the real deal. When I heard you re-play the segment this morning I almost pissed myself knowing PJ is the TM for Manchester Orchestra not this Mark douche. Too funny.
03/25/2010 8:57AM
03/26/2010 6:09PM
This is too funny! I think its great that this guy pulled one over on this girl. I used to hang out with a guy like "MarK" and we'd go out and he would make up stuff about how he plays in different bands. My friend is pretty ugly lookin and not too much personality to offer either, yet the HOTTEST chicks would go crazy for him just because of his secretly fake high status. You can't help but sit back and laugh at the ignorance of BOTH party's involved. Pure Gold
04/06/2010 3:33AM
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