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Thursday July 2nd, 2015

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iPod Shuffle

The Gallows

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Wednesday July 1, 2015

In headlines today the guys discussed Cuba, the prison break and some other stuff.

Health code violation time!!

Poor Paris Hilton.

It's Soren Bowie!

Sports with Spencer.

Thanks for listening today!

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Daily Dozen Wednesday July 1, 2015

Starting from #12,

Zella Day- High
Best Coast- Feeling Ok
Alabama Shakes- Don't Wanna Fight
Joywave- Now
The Mowglis- I'm Good
Bully- Trying
Misterwives- Our Own House 
Borns- Electric Love
Metric- The Shade
Awolnation- I Am
Saint Motel- My Type
Catfish And The Bottlemen- Cocoon

Enjoy! -@Hartzell965
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Wednesday July 1, 2015

Buzz Briefs

Funny Thing Danny Found

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Tuesday June 30, 2015

  In headlines today the guys discussed Chris Christie and some other hot topics.  

  Nicki Minaj's rider was leaked. 

  Affleck and Garner.  

  Slimfast buys pop for bitches and tells us about the "rape complex."     

  Sports with Danny Parkins. 

Thanks for listening!

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