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"Essential Debuts"
(I'm) Stranded-The Saints
This Perfect Day-The Saints
Untitled-The Saints
Lipstick On Your Collar-The Saints
Psycho Killer-Talking Heads
Don't Worry About The Government-Talking Heads
No Compassion-Talking Heads
Uncontrollable Urge-Devo
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction-Devo
Jocko Homo-Devo
Gut Feeling / (Slap Your Mammy)-Devo
She's Lost Control-Joy Division
Insight-Joy Division
Disorder-Joy Division
The Living End-The Jesus & Mary Chain
Taste The Floor-The Jesus & Mary Chain
Just Like Honey-The Jesus & Mary Chain
Watching The Detectives-Elvis Costello  
(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes-Elvis Costello
Alison -Elvis Costello
Sour Times-Portishead
Roads -Portishead
Don't Go-Yaz
Goodbye Seventies-Yaz

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Evil Things-The Black Angels
Look...The Sun Is Rising-The Flaming Lips
Your Life, Your Call-Junip
The Desert Babbler-Iron & Wine
No One Knows Nothing Anymore-Billy Bragg
Outta My Mind-Bleached
Ping Pong-Stereolab
Neighbors and Township-The Sea And Cake
Sound And Vision-David Bowie
Je t'aime moi non plus-Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
The Devil-Anna Calvi
Brassneck-The Wedding Present
Kaleidoscope World-The Chills
Get Black-The Ponys
Vampire Racecourse-The Sleepy Jackson
Good Fortune-PJ Harvey
Boneless-The Notwist
Soothe My Soul-Depeche Mode
A Tooth For An Eye-The Knife
Well You Better-Yo La Tengo
Little Hill-Telekinesis!
Proof Of Life-Marnie Stern
I Like It Small-Mudhoney
You Will Find Me-The Thermals
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"The 90s"
Elevate Me Later-Pavement
Holland, 1945-Neutral Milk Hotel
Frogs-The Flaming Lips
All Hail the Black Market-Archers Of Loaf
Only Shallow-My Bloody Valentine
Crazy For You-Slowdive
This Is Hardcore-Pulp
Love Of Life-Swans
Outside the Glass-The Black Heart Procession
Taphead-Talk Talk
Verses from the Abstract-A Tribe Called Quest
A Long Way To Go-Gang Starr
2:45 A.M.-Elliott Smith
Loss Leader-Codeine
The First Big Weekend-Arab Strap
Man-Size-PJ Harvey
Gentleman-The Afghan Whigs
Autumn Sweater-Yo La Tengo
Miss Modular-Stereolab
Sporting Life-The Sea And Cake
She's Losing It-Belle & Sebastian
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Jubilee Street-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Smoke and Mirrors-The Magnetic Fields
Night Swim-Frankie Rose
Separated By Motorways-The Long Blondes
Someone I Care About-The Modern Lovers
World Weary-The Go-Betweens
Betrayal Takes Two-Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Beat And The Pulse-Austra
I'm Good, I'm Gone-Lykke Li
Games Without Frontiers-Peter Gabriel
The One-Thurston Moore
Happiness-Tones On Tail
Cries And Whispers [12" Version]-New Order
After Eight-NEU!
Don't Push Me Around-The Zeros
This Perfect Day-The Saints
Life Of Crime-The Weirdos
Night Of The Living Dead-The Alley Cats  
Ever Fallen In Love-The Buzzcocks
Judy Is A Punk-Ramones
Looking For A Kiss-New York Dolls
We the Common (For Valerie Bolden)-Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
Time Is Of The Essence -Cold Mailman
Stranger On The Town-The Damned 
God's Zoo-Death Cult
The Jet Set Junta-The Monochrome Set
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